House Extensions

Whether it is an additional room that you require, or a full 2 – 3 story side extension that includes 4 – 6 rooms, including an L-shaped wrap around extension, PK2 Construction are able to help you get the extension of your dreams.

We are able to help you through each stage, or all of them:

  1. Engagement with an architectural consultant
  2. Production of plans
  3. Submission of plans and making the planning application (where required)
  4. Getting the services of a Principal Contractor (where required)
  5. Producing the Project Plan with milestones planning with dependencies and risks
  6. Engaging the specialist teams within each stage
  7. Going through the:
    • Foundations including drainage
    • Erection of steel beams framework (where necessary)
    • Ground Floor walls
    • First and/or Second Floor walls
    • Floors and ceilings
    • First fit electrical and plumbing works
    • Plastering and flooring finishes
    • Second fit fitouts
    • Attics and Roofing
  8. Landscaping
  9. Driveways

Not all of the above is in order and some or a lot may be done in parallel whilst others will be sequential.

Once the plans have been produced and discussed with you and your approval gained, the application will be made.

Once the project plans have been created with all stages high level planned, any changes that you come up with later will be received but may incur a charge depending on their nature and impact on future work planned and work already carried out.

At all times the work carried out will be subject to inspection by an external and independent Buildings Inspector and further work will only be carried out once the Buildings Inspector had given his (or her) approval for the work inspected and verified its finish quality.